Hi Explorer!

Adventure Travel isn’t just about the journey that sends us soaring head-first into uncharted territory—it’s also about The Story: the history, mystery, myth and lore unique to that territory, its people and its culture.

My passion for storytelling came as a teenager, when, during visits to some of America’s oldest universities, I found myself enamored by the European-influenced architecture, and by legends like Albert Einstein, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson who walked the grounds decades before. Inspired to learn more, I dug deep into the history behind these universities, and soon began leading my own elaborate tours for friends and family, impressing and inspiring them with my enthusiasm and encyclopedic knowledge.

It wasn’t long before my love for guiding and storytelling burgeoned from the microcosm of the college campus to cities throughout the U.S. and Europe and later, across the globe. Determined to “redefine the perfect way to travel,” I have spent years accumulating and curating the skills and experiences that now serve as the foundation for The Explorer’s Passage. At the heart of his philosophy, of course, is The Story—the historical element uncovered through extensive research and woven seamlessly throughout each of our adventures. The Story, I believe, is what launches travel into the realm of transcendent, leaving travelers invigorated, enriched and enlightened.

I have climbed, canoed and galloped through nearly 35 countries on six continents. I have come a long way since my college campus touring days—and yet,  but my mission remains singular: to create, the most immersive and transformative travel experience in the industry.

I look forward to seeing you on the trail!

Jeff Bonaldi
Founder & CEO
The Explorer’s Passage