2041 ClimateForce Antarctica Pre-Expedition Virtual Sessions

We are very excited to announce the launch of our 2041 ClimateForce Pre-Expedition Virtual Sessions (Fundraising Guidance and Alumni Panel calls). Each month, we hold several Zoom calls on fundraising, expedition education, and other relevant topics. In the fundraising sessions, our goal is to provide each participant as much support as possible during their expedition fundraising journeys, with plenty of time for questions and answers. At our alumni panel sessions, future 2041 ClimateForce Ambassadors (YOU!) can hear directly from past Expedition alumni as they discuss their successful fundraising strategies, their Expedition experiences, and how the Expedition was a positive catalyst for both their personal and professional lives. At the end of these alumni panels, we always reserve time for some questions and answers as well.

We encourage prospective as well as accepted participants to join these free calls when possible, as they will be very helpful to you in the months ahead! If you are unable to attend a call but still want to ask a question of a guest speaker, please email your question(s) in advance to cameron@explorerspassage.com. We also provide access to recordings of past calls, available HERE.

LAST UPDATED: 23 February 2021

Please see the dates and times below for the upcoming calls (all times are listed in UTC time zone):

Fundraising Zoom Call Dates

  • 10 March: at the next Fundraising call (on 10 March at 4:00 PM UTC), we will be joined by Robert Swan and two 2021 team members, who will share their crowdfunding “lessons learned” as well as strategies they have used to run very successful fundraising campaigns in preparation for this November’s Expedition. Robert Swan will also provide guidance and answer questions based on his decades of fundraising experience. You can register for that call HERE.
  • 24 March: at the 2nd monthly Fundraising call (on 24 March at 2:00 PM UTC), we will be joined by Robert Swan again! In his decades of experience, he has raised millions of dollars for Expeditions and Antarctic conservation, so you will not want to miss out on his advice! He will also answer your fundraising and expedition-related questions during this call. You can register for that call HERE.

Alumni Panel Zoom Call Dates

  • 17 February: at the next Alumni Panel call (on 17 February at 3:00 PM UTC), an extraordinary alumnus/alumna will discuss their expedition prep and fundraising, expedition experiences, and post-journey activities and impact. You can register for that call HERE.

Special Zoom Call Dates

  • 3 February Offsetting/Sustainability Call: at 3:00pm UTC on 3 February, join us for a special review of the various ways in which our November 2021 Antarctic Expedition with 2041 ClimateForce will be sustainability-oriented and environmentally conscious. For example, the sea voyage portion of the Expedition will not just be carbon-neutral but rather carbon-negative (offsetting 1.25x the emissions), thanks to ClimateForce’s carbon-reduction/offsetting initiatives and partnerships. You can register for that call HERE.

Expedition Information Sessions

Join us for a special information session on the 2041 ClimateForce Antarctica Expedition. During these sessions, we provide a complete overview of one of the most extraordinary adventure experiences on the planet, and answer questions at the end!

  • The next info session will be held on 24 February, 2021 at 3:00 PM UTC. To register for the information session on Zoom, please click HERE.

For anyone that has not yet applied for the 2041 ClimateForce Antarctic Expedition in 2021 please do so by clicking on the following link: https://explorerspassage.com/climateforceapplication/

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at info@explorerspassage.com. 


Jeff Bonaldi
The Explorer’s Passage