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A horseback ride in the hoofprints of the Army of the Andes. On the morning of January 19, 1817, Argentine General José de San Martin led a cavalry of 5,000 soldiers across the Andes Mountain Range; if they could enter Spanish-ruled Chile unnoticed, San Martin hoped, they could attack Royalist forces by surprise, and pave the way to independence from Spain. The crossing culminated 40 miles north of Santiago with the epic Battle of Chacabuco. Retrace the route of the Army of the Andes as you ride horseback across the postcard-perfect Los Patos mountain pass, imagining the sheer bravery required of San Martin and his cavalry as they set off, their odds seemingly insurmountable, on the quest for freedom.


  • Argentine general, Jose de San Martin.

    Argentine General, Jose de San Martin.

    Explore the Moneda Palace, the 18th-century Cathedral Metropolitana, the Parque Forestal and the bohemian center of Bellavista – all to a stunning backdrop of the snow-capped Andes, Coastal Range and 21,555-foot Tupungato volcano.

  • Saddle up in Los Patos for your first day of horseback riding up the Rocín River Canyon with a team of friendly gauchos; at the border, swap to Argentinean mounts and continue on past towering Mount Aconcagua (22,841’), the tallest peak in the Western & Southern Hemispheres.

  • Visit the site of The Battle of Chacabuco, where, in February of 1817, General San Martín defeated Spanish forces, paving the way for independence.

  • Reward yourself after your days in the saddle with a day of wine tasting in Mendoza, a city renowned for its nutrient-rich soil and sundrenched plateaus, and an evening of relaxation at the elegant Finca Adalgisa.

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