The General’s Fortress: Packing List

The following items are listed as guidance to follow when packing for The General’s Fortress adventure. It is important to remember to pack smart and light. If you have any questions regarding this list please do not hesitate to CONTACT us.



☑  Trip leader first aid kit



☐  30 liter (shoulder) daypack (camera, water, rain gear, sun screen, hat, extra clothing, etc.)

☐  Waterproof pack cover for daypack



☐  Water-proof/wind jacket with hood

☐  Water-proof/wind pants (side zippers are recommended)

☐  Hiking pants or shorts (synthetic preferred)

☐  T-shirts, synthetic is preferred

Fabrics: Synthetic clothing is recommended over cotton as cotton is not a good insulator. 


☐  Hiking boots, sturdy, water-resistant, broken-in with ankle support

☐  Hiking socks (wool or synthetics depending on preference)



☐  Sun hat (Wide brim recommended)

☐  Buff, Bandanna, or similar item for face protection

☐  Thin liner gloves

☐  One 1-quart water bottle (Nalgene recommended) or hydration system (ie CamelBak, Platypus)

☐  Sunglasses with strap 

☐  Sun block and lip balm (SPF 30+)

☐  Small quick-dry towel

☐  Personal first-aid kit

☐  Antibacterial hand sanitizer gel or hand wipes

☐  Small binoculars

☐  Energy bars, gels, etc

☐  Hiking staff or trekking poles (optional)

☐  Bug spray

☐  Powdered electrolyte mix

☐  Personal First Aid Kit

☐  Camera, film/memory cards, spare batteries