We care deeply about our planet and its inhabitants. Each of our adventures has an element of purpose which helps to drive personal and environmental change. We have witnessed how travel can transform lives and we are therefore dedicated to providing opportunities for people to experience truly life-changing adventures in extraordinary parts of our planet.   



The Explorer’s Passage strives to create the optimal work environment by providing our team members the opportunity to grow and make valuable contributions to our team. Our team values and places a strong emphasis on work-life balance, giving everyone the flexibility to work in the way they are most productive. Our team is made up of diverse individuals from across the globe who are passionate about providing others with life-changing travel experiences.

We are proud to provide adventures that are environmentally friendly and give back to the local communities where our clients are exploring.         

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At The Explorer’s Passage, we are looking for new team members who are eager to learn and invested in growing their career. We are looking for people who enjoy working individually, but who can also be a productive member of a collaborative team. We are interested in individuals who are passionate about travel and use that passion as a catalyst to deliver exceptional experiences to our clients. If you are dedicated, detail-oriented, and conscientious, we encourage you to apply by clicking on one of our open positions listed below: