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Galapagos Safari Camp

Our six-day trip includes mystery and exoticism that can only be found in the Galápagos Islands! They’re simply breathtaking. We’ll take you to all corners of the enthralling Santa Cruz Island and out to several uninhabited rocks in the chain.

Spread through the wild seas off the western edge of South America, the islands are famed for their curious biodiversity. You’ll spot strange creatures that don’t exist anywhere else on Earth, encounter unique trees and flowers, and get a taste of luxury at the exclusive Galapagos Safari Camp.

Explore the Galápagos Islands with TEP

Customizable Itineraries

In our books, there’s no such thing as an itinerary that can’t change. This is your adventure, from the initial planning stage right up to the moment you spot your first blue-footed booby on the beaches.

When it comes to the Galápagos, that means you can request trips to unknown parts of the archipelago to see rare animals or ask for extra relaxation time between game viewing back at the lodge. It’s totally up to you!

Unique Accommodations

The Galapagos Safari Camp allows you to have the most immersive experience on these incredible islands. It’s perched up on the highlands of wild Santa Cruz, between swathes of lush giant daisy trees and volcanic plugs.

Rooms follow the classic tentalow design; half indoors, half outdoors. You won’t even have to shift from your bed to hear the finches flitting between the tree boughs. Outside, you’ll emerge onto decks overlooking the canopies and get to swim in an infinity pool with sweeping panoramas of the Pacific Ocean.

Wondrous Wildlife

It’s no secret that many venture to the Galápagos Islands for the fauna and flora. That’s why memorable wildlife encounters are at the heart of our trips. Not only is our safari camp nestled in forests rich in finches and Galápagos doves, but you’ll also meet 5-foot-long (1.5-m) iguanas at Tortuga Bay, and witness the galumphing, 880-pound (400-kg) Galápagos giant tortoises in their natural habitat. You can also dive into the Pacific waters for glimpses of white-tipped reef sharks, manta rays, and sea turtles.

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Learn more about our Galápagos Islands trip:

Trip Highlights

  • Wildlife encounters – The Galápagos are perhaps most famous for being the place that gave a certain Charles Darwin the eureka moment that drove the writing of On the Origin of Species. You’ll see all the same amazing animals that helped him during his studies in the 1800s, from big tortoises right down to long-horned beetles.
  • Tortuga Bay – Sugar-soft sands meet ocean waters so blue that they seem to mingle with the cloudless skies at iconic Tortuga Bay. This is one of the most famous beaches in the archipelago that we’ll visit to meet the resident iguanas and swim with rare sea turtles.
  • Island hopping – Only four of the 127 islands and rocks in the Galápagos are actually inhabited. That leaves ample space for hopping truly wild and untouched rocks. Our trip includes a two-day voyage through the heart of the chain, to observe the strange avian courtship rituals of North Seymour or to hike in the company of penguins on Bartolomé.
  • A stay in nature – Long days of spotting rare cactus finches and blue-footed boobies will be rewarded with R&R time in our exclusive safari lodge. Recharge in stilted tent rooms that are equipped with hot showers, swim in an infinity pool, and laze in hammocks that overlook the ancient Scalesia forests.


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6 Days / 5 Nights


Galapagos Safari Camp


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6 Days / 5 Nights Trip Daily Overview

Fly into the Galápagos and catch your first breathtaking views of volcanic ridges and gleaming stretches of sand in turquoise waters. We’ll begin with a walk along the rims of the awe-inspiring Los Gemelos Twin Craters nestled in lush Scalesia forests. Then, we’ll stop by a tortoise reserve before you unwind at the Galapagos Safari Camp in Santa Cruz – your home for the trip. You’ll be greeted with warm cups of Ecuadorian coffee and handmade chocolate, big tentalow rooms, and a private infinity pool.

We’ll reach the Cerro Mesa Ecological Reserve for views of the highest crater on the island and 360-degree panoramas rolling from coast to coast!
Next, we bike or take the car to Garrapatero Beach and its talcum-white sands. Enjoy the nature trail and meet the resident iguanas, swim in the welcoming waters, kayak and laze on the beach near pink flamingos.
After lunch under the manzanillo trees, we head to a coffee and sugarcane plantation where you’ll learn all about refinement processes, and sample some of the freshest cups of coffee you’ve ever had.

It’s time to bid farewell to Santa Cruz to explore the rest of the enthralling Galápagos Islands chain. Based on weather conditions and length of stay, you can expect to see one, two, or even three of the following…

  • Bartolomé – This is the place to go for encounters with the famed Galápagos penguin. The gem-shaped rock of Isla Bartolomé is a fragment of the much larger Isla Santiago. Hike a steep trail up wooden stairs to get sweeping views of the penguin-speckled beaches.
  • Santa Fe – This remote, southeastern member of the chain is a wildlife lover’s dream. A planned 1.1-mile (1.8-km) hike can reveal sea lions, iguanas, and vistas of rugged cliffs.
  • North Seymour – If you’re not big into sailing, then North Seymour is a great option because it’s only a 45-minute boat ride from Santa Cruz. The rock is barren and bare, but perfect for spotting rare birdlife and their courtship rituals or snorkeling.
  • South Plaza – Gradually hike to the cliffs of this finger-thin isle. You’ll be greeted by blankets of bold sesuvium ice plants and get to spot rare red-billed tropicbirds here.

Today you’ll tour one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – the jaw-dropping Tortuga Bay. Reach this scythe of chalk-white sand flanked by lush headlands by walking a trail through groves of opuntia cacti and matazarno trees. Swim and snorkel at a nearby lagoon with turtles, rays, and marine iguanas. Then, explore the souvenir shops, cafes, and bustling wharf in Puerto Ayora – the most populous town in the Galápagos before heading to the Charles Darwin Research Station, one of the planet’s most iconic biological and scientific research institutions.

On your final day, catch the serene sunrise on a final walk through the private grounds of the Galapagos Safari Camp. Perch yourself on the observation deck for the best views. After a peaceful breakfast on the veranda with friendly finches and warblers, your guide will accompany you from the camp to the port, across the Itabaca Channel, and to the airport for your departure flight.

Please contact us for a complete detailed itinerary.

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Trip Accommodations

Relax in the comfort of the luxurious Galapagos Safari Camp – one of the finest accommodations in Santa Cruz.


Galapagos Safari Camp

Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir | Cairo, Egypt

The Galapagos Safari Camp is the home of luxury Galápagos tours because it artfully fuses the wild and the refined. Guests stay in tented rooms that are built on stilts above the forest. They’re all eco-conscious and the smallest amount of building work has been done here to maintain the integrity of the natural environment. That doesn’t mean compromising on comfort, though. There’s a gorgeous deck with views of the forest canopy, an infinity pool, and on-site restaurants serving tasty Ecuadorian cuisine.

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Galapagos Safari Camp

Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir | Cairo, Egypt

The Galapagos Safari Camp is the home of luxury Galápagos tours because it artfully fuses the wild and the refined. Guests stay in tented rooms that are built on stilts above the forest. They’re all eco-conscious and the smallest amount of building work has been done here to maintain the integrity of the natural environment. That doesn’t mean compromising on comfort, though. There’s a gorgeous deck with views of the forest canopy, an infinity pool, and on-site restaurants serving tasty Ecuadorian cuisine.

Photo credit: Galapagos Safari Camp

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Galápagos FAQs

What animals will I see on the Galápagos Islands?2023-11-22T08:05:27-05:00

You will have the chance to spot some of the rarest and most intriguing animals on the planet. On land, they include the marine iguana, the Galápagos penguin, and the huge giant tortoise. In the sea, you can spot reef sharks, Galápagos sea lions, rays, and sea turtles to name just a few. There are also 56 native bird species on the islands.

Where are the Galápagos Islands?2024-01-02T18:52:13-05:00

The Galápagos Islands are located roughly 600 miles (965 km) west of the coast of South America. They’re officially a part of Ecuador and make up their own province, conveniently called, simply, Galápagos Province. Going east, there’s only the vast Pacific Ocean all the way to the fringes of Asia.

When’s the best time to visit the Galápagos Islands?2024-01-02T18:47:51-05:00

The best time of year to visit the Galápagos Islands is the warm and wet season that runs between January and June. Not only are days generally clearer for viewing the wildlife then, but the ocean also has the best visibility. The cool and dry season isn’t a bad option, though. Come between mid-June and December and you’ll get to see amazing ocean mists and find more temperate days that are great for hiking.

What is there to see in the Galápagos Islands?2023-11-22T08:03:57-05:00

There’s loads to see in the Galápagos Islands. Most notably, the chain is famous for its unique biodiversity, with visitors coming for sightings of rare creatures like the giant tortoise or the Galápagos iguana. The region is also steeped in raw natural wonders, from the twin volcanic craters of Los Gemelos to the shimmering beach at Tortuga Bay.

How many days do I need in the Galápagos Islands?2023-11-22T08:03:09-05:00

It’s a good idea to spend at least six days exploring the Galápagos Islands. You could do a lot more than that if you wanted – there are over 127 islands and rocks in total in the archipelago, each of which offers something unique. However, the main areas of interest and the large isle of Santa Cruz can usually be explored by boat in under a week.

Extra Support

Personal Attention Before Your Trip to the Galápagos Islands

There is no other operator in the travel industry that will provide the same level of personal attention to you before you head to the Galápagos. We get very involved with our travelers before each trip by offering a series of pre-planning calls in the months and weeks before departure. This provides you with an opportunity to hear directly from us on preparation, trip experience, and more. It also gives you the platform to ask questions about any aspect of the trip.

Staff Support

Our knowledgeable support staff take care of the details of your in-country transportation, lodging, meals, tours, park fees, and activities. We’ve even scheduled in a bit of free time for you to explore, relax, shop, or eat on your own.

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