Solo Travel

At The Explorer’s Passage, we are proud of our long-standing tradition of having solo travelers from across the globe join in our group traveling adventures. We understand that travel and exploration is an important part of our individual journeys. For many of us, the opportunity to start solo in a setting where we are able to travel with a group of other like-minded individuals is an experience that is deeply cherished and can be hard to find. For this reason, each of our group travel options is carefully crafted to be welcoming and supportive to the solo traveler. Please see below for key attributes of our solo travel experience.

Key Attributes: 

    • On average, over 50% of our guests on our group travels are solo travelers.

    • Our trips are comprised of solo travelers, couples, and groups of friends.

    • The groups to travel with typically range in age from 18 to 65+.

    • Trips are led by a local guide who has intimate knowledge of each adventure. The guides are experts on their local environment, city, and cultural traditions and add their own personal touch to each trip for a truly authentic experience. To learn more about our many adventure options, click HERE.

    • We provide pre-trip guidance on local traditions, customs, and dress.

    • On all trips where we travel in groups and have one or more solo travelers, our goal is to ensure that a staff member of each gender is present on the trip. In addition, we make every effort to provide the highest sense of comfort and well-being for all travelers.

    • We provide and enforce stringent safety procedures.

    • There is no additional charge for rooming with a same-sex roommate.

    • If you prefer a private room and/or tent, a single room supplement is available upon request at an additional fee.

    • We understand that an important aspect of solo travel is the freedom to explore on your own. Our group travel itineraries allow time throughout the trip for travelers to wander separate from the group.

    • All are welcome!


Additionally, if travel with a group as a solo traveler does not sound like the experience you are looking for, we also offer separate solo custom trips. Click HERE for information on our Private Travel experiences.