Join us as we peel back the curtains of time and dive head first into some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

The TEP experience is unique in that we tell a story which unfolds seamlessly throughout your travels. We are committed to exceeding your expectations at every turn!

For details on what makes each itinerary unique, please click on the adventures listed below. And keep in mind if you don’t see just the trip you’re looking for, our Adventure Consultants can custom craft a trip to your exact liking.

Project Kilimanjaro
African Climbing Adventure

In February 2019, join The Explorer’s Passage on this special expedition to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. Explorers from every corner of the Earth will come together to pledge their commitment in the fight for the protection of animals and the ecosystems they inhabit.

ClimateForce: Arctic 2019
Svalbard Trekking & Ocean Adventure

The Arctic is truly the perfect setting for this expedition. It is an unforgettable destination and those who venture to this frozen ocean return home with a fresh perspective on their place in the world. [...]

The Path of the Sun
Machu Picchu Hiking Adventure


The Story unfolds along the mythical Path of the Sun as you step back in time and follow in the footsteps of the Incas on their holy journey to honor Inti, the God of the Sun. Travel through the Sacred Valley en route to the world wonder of Machu ...

New York
George Washington in New York
New York City Walking Adventure

On July 4th 1776, while the Declaration of Independence was being adopted in Philadelphia, George Washington, the General of the Continental Army was defending New York against a British attack. Five days later, at the Commons in New York City ...

The Three Trolls of Vik
The Laugevegur Trail Trekking Adventure

The Story of the Three Trolls of Vik is hundreds of years old, a legend that speaks of southern Iceland. Here, folklore has it that three trolls tried to capture a viking ship off the [...]

New York
The General’s Fortress
Hudson Valley Hiking Adventure

The American Revolutionary War was at a critical juncture in October of the year 1777. England had secured a number of key military victories in New York, and General George Washington and his Continental Army needed to prevent the British ...

The Myth of Mustang
Nepal Hiking Adventure


A trans-Himalayan journey through the sacred Kingdom of Mustang. The Story behind this epic Himalayan trek is embedded not only in ancient Buddhist myth, culture and art, but also in the snow-capped peaks, wind-carved canyons and verdant valleys...

Alaska / Yukon Territory
In Search of Gold
Pacific Northwest Adventure

From Glaciers to Gold Fields: An eye-popping frontier unchanged since the days of the Klondike Gold Rushers. It was 1897 when gold was discovered in a creek in the heart of Canada’s Yukon Territory, placing the small town of Dawson City abruptly on ...