World-Class Adventure

  The Explorer’s Passage (TEP) is one of the world’s most dynamic travel companies. We operate adventure experiences on all seven continents and in the Arctic. Our mission is to utilize adventure to show history’s past and to write history’s future. To accomplish this we partner with the planet’s most incredible explorers, conservationists, and visionaries. We believe that if we can help transform your life through adventure then together we change the world.

Jeff Bonaldi
At the Beach

The Beginning

  When he was young, TEP founder Jeff Bonaldi dreamed of one day becoming a great explorer. Jeff was enthralled with the history, mystery and lore of ancient cities such as Atlantis and Machu Picchu. He often imagined himself exploring deep into the caves of far off lands looking for lost treasures.

“It always seems impossible until its done.”

-Nelson Mandela

A Passion Discovered

  As a teenager, when, during visits to some of America’s oldest universities, he found himself enamored by the European-influenced architecture, and by the historical figures who walked the grounds decades before. Inspired to learn more, he dug deep into the history behind these universities, and soon began leading his own elaborate tours for friends and family, impressing and inspiring them with his enthusiasm and encyclopedic knowledge.

Wall Street

  After college, Jeff Bonaldi spent a few years as a entrepreneur before heading to Wall Street where he worked for more than a decade. His invaluable experiences as a money manager and sales executive taught him about the importance of strong leadership, risk management, and team work. 

Jeff Bonaldi

The Calling

  It wasn’t long before his loves of nature and exploration began calling him to make a change. In 2011, Jeff began working on taking the tour concepts that he practiced on college campus’s to cities across the globe. He was determined to “redefine the perfect way to travel.”

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

– Joseph Campbell

Rappelling down a mountain.

The Story

  In 2014, when Jeff launched TEP, he wanted to provide people with perspective on history’s greatest events through adventure. He developed the concept of – “The Story”. The Story is the historical element uncovered through extensive research and woven seamlessly throughout many of the TEP adventures. The Story, he believes, is what launches travel into the realm of transcendent, leaving travelers invigorated, enriched and enlightened.

Tree Planting in Ushuaia


  Right from the start, Jeff incorporated sustainability elements into each of TEP’s adventures. From using only local organic food to creating initiatives that help the communities in the places that TEP explores, conservation is at the center of TEP’s ethos. 

Team climbing.


  Transformation through exploration is not just a concept for us; it’s at the very core of what we do. The positive impact that both adventure and travel have had on my own life is what inspired me to start this company. Witnessing this same positive effect on our guests is extraordinarily motivating and meaningful for me and our team. Observing our guests immersing themselves in the beauty of nature, embracing new cultures, and overcoming obstacles on their adventures shows the power that travel has to transform people’s lives. It’s a testament to the incredible potential that lies within each journey and the empowering experiences that await those who embark on them with us.


Jeff Bonaldi has climbed, canoed and galloped through over 40 countries. He has come a long way since his college campus touring days—and yet,  his mission remains singular: to create the most immersive and transformative adventure experiences in the industry.

Jeff is a Member of The Explorer’s Club and you can typically find him somewhere on the planet looking for new places to explore!