IAE/ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 


The Story

The Story of our planet has lasted billions of years, and the reality of climate change has the power to radically reshape our future. The need for massive action to combat this issue has never been more important.  Join our team on this special voyage that equips leaders with resources and actionable solutions to become a part of a global force of change.

IAE/ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 

The South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC)

In November 2017, Robert Swan, one of history’s greatest explorers will make one last expedition to the South Pole with his son Barney, on a mission known as the South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC). This father and son team will ski on a 600-mile journey surviving solely on renewable energy, a first in polar-exploration. Their hope is to show the world that if we can survive on renewable energy in the most inhospitable place on earth then we can do so anywhere on the planet. 

A Historic Partnership

One month after their return, in February 2018, they will join forces with The Explorer’s Passage, a pioneer in adventure travel on this historic expedition to Antarctica. Aligning our vision and passions, the mission is to use adventure as a vehicle to preserve the history of our planet. 

Unparalleled Experience in Antarctica 

Over the last 15 years, Robert and the 2041 leadership team have guided more than 3,500 people to the shores of Antarctica on their renowned International Antarctic Expeditions (IAE). No other individual has a stronger record of success and experience in leading Antarctic ventures.

Become Part of the Force!

In joining the IAE/ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 expedition, you become part of a vast movement of change leaders from across the globe. With thousands of 2041/TEP alumni in over 100 countries, you will have access to a diverse set of ideas, resources, and connections to become champions for a more sustainable future.

Antarctica: The Adventure of a Lifetime!


Robert Swan | TEDGlobal 2014


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Antarctica is truly the perfect setting for this expedition. It is an unforgettable destination and those who venture to this last wild continent return home with a fresh perspective on their place in the world. Antarctica has never known war, belongs to no nation, and is home to no tribe or indigenous race – Antarctica is owned by all of us. It is the most beautiful, untouched, and pristine location on the planet and it is for these reasons that we must do everything we can to preserve it.  Join us on ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 for the adventure and education of a lifetime!

Expedition Map

Antarctica is the most beautiful, untouched, and pristine destination on the planet. It is a symbol, frozen in time, which represents our united responsibility to steer humanity towards a more hopeful future. Through this expedition you will be equipped with resources and actionable solutions to become a part of a global force of change! Join us on Climate Force: Antarctica 2018 for the adventure and education of a lifetime!

The Adventure of a Lifetime!


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  • Why Journey on ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018!

    Explore Antarctica with Robert Swan

    Journey to the last great wilderness on Earth with Robert Swan, one of the world’s greatest living explorers, and the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles. His experiences at the Poles allowed Swan to witness the effects of climate change firsthand, and shifted his life’s purpose to working toward solutions to mitigate the greatest threat that our planet faces. Through his organization ‘2041’, Robert Swan has traveled to all corners of the globe to inspire and build leaders to create a more sustainable world. His story of unbelievable spirit will take you on a journey of inspiration, courage and humility.

    Exclusive Access to the Story of the South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC)

    In November 2017, Robert Swan will make one last trip to the South Pole with his son Barney on the South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC). Rob and Barney will ski 600 miles by using only renewable energy, a feat which has never been done before. Just one month after their return, in February 2018, The Explorer’s Passage, Rob, Barney, and the 2041 Foundation team are joining forces on a historic expedition to Antarctica.

    On this Expedition, you will have the opportunity to spend time with Rob and Barney as they tell the story of their expedition to the South Pole.

    A World Class Leadership Team

    Experience Antarctica with our World Class Leadership Team who are here to make this expedition the most incredible adventure of your lifetime. Join the legendary explorer Robert Swan, Jeff Bonaldi, the Founder and CEO of The Explorer’s Passage, and the conservationist and explorer Barney Swan along with the entire ClimateForce Leadership Team as we sail to Antarctica, the last great wilderness on Earth. You will have the opportunity to engage one on one with our Leadership Team throughout the expedition as each of our team members are at your service to help you get the most out of your time in Antarctica.

    Extended Time in Antarctica

    With a full 12 nights at sea, we are providing you with extra time to explore Antarctica. From visits to two renowned research stations, Vernadsky Research Base and Almirante Brown Station, to crossing the Antarctic Circle for a once-in-a-lifetime achievement, no other expedition will allow you to experience the true wonder that is Antarctica while equipping you with the knowledge, skills and credibility to preserve the wilderness.

    Pre-Expedition Activities

    The ClimateForce Team will be arriving in Ushuaia early for a number of outstanding activities planned before the official start of your expedition. On February 26th, join our team on a morning walk to see a panoramic view of the Beagle Channel, and an afternoon historical tour of Ushuaia’s prison and downtown area! On February 27th, our team will deliver a number of outstanding pre-expedition talks.

    2041 / The Explorer’s Passage Partnership

    Over the last 15 years, Robert and the 2041 leadership team have guided more than 3,500 people to the shores of Antarctica on their renowned International Antarctic Expeditions (IAE). No other individual has a stronger record of success and experience in leading Antarctic ventures.

    Through 2041’s partnership with The Explorer’s Passage, which operates adventures throughout six continents, you will experience an integration of history and adventure like never before. Participants will enjoy the unmatched service and excellence that guests have come to expect from The Explorer’s Passage, from personalized attention and support to some of most creative itineraries in the adventure travel industry.

    A Member of the ClimateForce / IAE Community

    By joining the ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 expedition you become part of a vast global movement of change leaders from across the planet. With thousands of ClimateForce/IAE alumni in over 100 countries, you will have access to a diverse set of ideas, resources, and connections. You will begin your life long ClimateForce journey on this special expedition. 

    Enhanced Workshops & Programs On-Board

    No other Antarctica expedition on the planet has a more comprehensive on-board programming schedule than ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018. Our renowned ‘Leadership on the Edge’ program consists of a unique blend of leadership development, up-to-date climate change training, and sustainability education to help you on your climate leadership journey.  The Leadership on the Edge program has been refined and tested for 14 years and 22 Antarctica expeditions. We incorporate workshops on story-telling, writing, presentation, and public-speaking skills to help with your personal and professional development. Robert Swan will mesmerize you with his stories of Polar Exploration and Jeff Bonaldi will take you back in time as we learn the stories of the greatest explorers in history. Moreover, renowned experts on glaciology, geography, and wildlife will conduct informative lectures to equip you with everything you need to truly learn from the icy classroom that is Antarctica.

    Extraordinary Accommodations 

    On the night of February 27th, join us at the Arakur Resort and Spa, the finest hotel in Ushuaia. It is located inside the Natural Reserve and close to Mount Alarkén’s summit. It extends along a spectacular, natural balcony situated 800 feet above sea level, surrounded by stunning panoramic views, native forests, natural terraces, and green areas harmoniously integrated into the environment. The state-of-the-art luxury rooms, infinity pool, sauna, fitness & spa centre and global gourmet restaurants offer all the relaxation and recreation you need before an expedition. Keeping nature and travel enthusiasts in mind, this is an ideal home-base for outings and activities.

    Exhilarating Adventures

    Adventure is at the core of our philosophy, and this expedition will provide numerous opportunities to fulfill your senses.  Once in the Antarctic we will have daily off-ship programs that range from zodiac cruises just feet away from whales and seals, to team building mountaineering training hikes up the icy landscapes.  You will also have the opportunity to become one with yourself and the surrounding environment while practicing yoga with one of the most magnificent views on the planet.  Guests may also sign up for kayaking or stand up paddle boarding, based on pricing and availability, to feel even closer with nature.  Last, but certainly not least, feel the exhilaration as you leap into the sub-freezing waters during the world famous Polar Plunge.  Whatever your desire or skill level may be, our adventure activities will showcase the raw beauty of Antarctica and you will complete each day with a sense of accomplishment and pride. 

    Sustainability at the Core of the Expedition

    At The Explorer’s Passage, we not only have a great respect for all things history but we also go out of our way to not leave any “history” of us behind! We are proud members of both Sustainable Travel International and Leave No Trace and incorporate their principles throughout each of our adventures.

    For the ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 expedition, we work hard to minimize our impact to Antarctica so that we can help preserve it for generations to come. Consistent with our mission’s philosophy we also pay special care to our Carbon Footprint. This expedition will utilize up to 12 tons of C02 per person. We will be offsetting the carbon impact of each guest on the ship portion of this expedition and will provide the opportunity for each of you to partner with us in the endeavor.

    Personal Video with Robert Swan

    Each guest on this expedition will have the opportunity to film a one on one video with Robert Swan. You will be able to utilize this video to help you enhance your personal story when you return home.

    A Personal Reference from the ClimateForce Team

    Upon completion of the Leadership on the Edge program, our Team Leaders are at your service to help with personal references in your applications for schools, jobs, and other leaderships programs.

    Media Toolkit

    Complete our Expedition and we will provide you with slideshow images from some of the finest Antarctic photographers in the world. In addition to your short film with Robert Swan, you will be able to utilize these images as part of your media toolkit and enhanced storytelling skills to excel in your life upon returning home.

    Post Expedition Community

    You will be part of the first ClimateForce group passing the renewable-energy baton to your companies, communities, and countries. We will establish a private social Media Community to not only help you keep in contact with your new friends, after the expedition but also to empower you with ideas and resources to take action to combat the effects of climate change through our 3500-member global alumni network.


  • The Story of our planet has lasted billions of years, and the reality of climate change has the power to radically reshape our future. The need for massive action to combat this issue has never been more important. Antarctica represents both our past and future within its ice. If the ice sheets keep melting at the current rate of deterioration, the sea levels will rise and the disastrous effects will be felt on a multi-national scale. Join our team on this special voyage that equips leaders with resources and actionable solutions to become a part of a global force of change.

  • Adventure Highlights

    • Journey to the last great wilderness on Earth with Robert Swan, one of the world’s greatest living explorers, and the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles.

    • Venture to the bottom of the world as you follow in the footsteps of some of the bravest explorers in history, and cross the Antarctic Circle for a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.

    • Observe the massive icebergs and glaciers while viewing the abundance of Antarctic wildlife including whales, penguins, and seals as we cruise through the icy waters in zodiac boats.

    • Make a continental landing and set foot on the pristine landscape of Antarctica. As you contemplate preserving this biosphere, visit the renowned research stations of Vernadsky Research Base and Almirante Brown Station.

    • Explore the magnificent 7th Continent as you hike up the icy landscape alongside resident penguins.

    • Travel through Neptune’s Bellows and step into the deep-rooted whaling history of the famed Deception Island as you witness the volcanic formations around you.

    • Feel the exhilaration as you leap into the sub-freezing waters during the world famous Polar Plunge.

  • Expedition Details

    • Countries: Antarctica & Argentina

    • Host City: Ushuaia, Argentina

    • Duration: 14 Days/13 Nights

    • Accommodations: 1 Night Hotel/12 Nights Ship Cabin

    • Adventure Activities: Trekking, Zodiac Cruising, etc.

    • Adventure Activity Level: Moderate*

    *Please refer to our Trip Activity Level Guide or speak to one of our Adventure Consultants at 855-208-6800 to determine if this is the right trip for you.

  • Daily Itinerary Overview (Days 0 – 6)

    DAY 0 (February 26, 2018): Ushuaia

    Welcome to Ushuaia! This port city and adventure hub will be our point of disembarkation. Join us as we tour the city and the storied prison of this former penal colony!

    DAY 1 (February 27, 2018): Ushuaia

    The adventure officially begins! The advent of our expedition is upon us as we run through several important briefings followed by an equipment check. Afterwards, take adventure of the free time to explore the remarkable town of Ushuaia. Be sure to sample some of the excellent cuisine found here.

    DAY 2 (February 28, 2018): Set Sail

    Set sail for Antarctica! As you travel through the Beagle Channel, observe the picturesque glaciers and rocky isles. While adjusting to life at sea, ponder the importance of our mission to save the planet from climate change.

    DAY 3 (March 1, 2018): Drake Passage

    Traverse Drake Passage. This body of water is the gateway to Antarctica. As we sail through, you’ll have the opportunity to “turn the horn” while listening to tales of Robert Swan’s Antarctic exploration. Enjoy the splendors of our world-class ship as we make our way to Antarctica.

    DAY 4 (March 2, 2018): Drake Passage

    The last pristine landscape on Earth awaits your arrival. Growing ever close to your destination, think back to the great explorers of history as you follow in their footsteps. Be on the lookout for wildlife, icebergs, and the first citing of this ice-covered continent.

    DAY 5 (March 3, 2018): Crystal Sound, Fish Islands, & Prospect Point

    We’ve finally made it to Antarctica! Journey to our first destination, Crystal Sound. This location is purely stunning with its ice-covered water and untouched aura. Next, we’ll stop at near the Fish Islands known for their colonies of penguins and interesting wildlife. Finally, head to Prospect Point for incredible views of the landscape.

    DAY 6 (March 4, 2018): South of the Circle & The Gullet

    Today, we head south. For a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, we look to cross the Antarctic Circle. Peaks rise out of the ice as we travel through the narrow channel called The Gullet. Truly magnificent backdrops surround you. Be on the lookout for Antarctic wildlife. Consider the journey we’ve embarked on, following in the path of the world’s greatest Antarctic explorers.

    You can obtain a complete detailed ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 itinerary by clicking HERE.

  • 2018 Start Date

    • Official Start Date: February 27, 2018

    • Optional Day 0 Start Date: February 26, 2018

      Day 0 Activities are Included in Total Expedition Pricing

    For more information please CONTACT US!

  • Expedition Pricing

    Prices are per person in USD.

    • Triple Cabin – $10,995 – Places Filled

    • Single Cabin – $15,995 – Places Filled

    • Twin Porthole – $15,995 – Places Filled

    • Twin Window – $16,995 – Places Filled

    • Twin Porthole Plus – $17,795 – Places Filled

    • Twin Porthole Plus 2 – $17,795 – Available (Places are limited)

    • Upper Deck Twin- $19,095 – Available

    Single Supplement

    If you would like to book a full twin room for one person, then you will be charged 1.7 times the individual room rate as opposed to paying the price for two full passengers.

    For the Terms & Conditions and Payment Policy of the ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 expedition please click HERE.

  • Testimonials

    To learn more about what past ClimateForce/IAE participants have to say about their experiences, we encourage you to read our testimonials below.

    “There are few experiences in life that can really touch you at your core — that move you, humble you, and transform how you think of and perceive the world. From feeling microscopic next to majestic humpback whales, to the empowerment that comes from learning the true science and potential solutions for global warming, the IAE experience elicits feelings, questions, and emotions you seldom get to contemplate. It is truly an experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

    Gaurav Kikani, United States


    “You know that moment when you see something so beautiful you wish you were a poet? Or that moment when nature stuns you, and you wish you were a scientist? Or that moment when a community creates such an impact on your life that you wish you stop time? There are very few moments in my life where these feelings all converged – a true sense of awe of the natural world, a deeper understanding of the science of our planet and plight of Antarctica, and the passion and hopefulness of a truly global group of young leaders who could actually change the world.”

    Fred Assaf, United States


    “This expedition to Antarctica is not just an expedition to the south, but an inspirational voyage of self-discovery and self-evaluation that focuses around the issue of climate change. At the end, one will no doubt question why we live the way we do today. As Colomina and Wigley (2016) say: “The human might be the only species to have systematically designed its own extinction, and seems to be getting close to accomplishing the goal”. We are very well aware of the consequences of our actions and it is our choice to take a moment to accept and initiate change or parade through our own self-destruction. This expedition to Antarctica equips one with a reason and a platform for action and hopefully mark the beginning of a chain-action to finally end this mindless game.”

    Tomohito Shibata, Japan


    “The International Antarctica Expedition 2017 profoundly impacted me on many levels. What a once-in-a-life-time opportunity it was to experience the exquisite beauty of Antarctica, the last remaining wilderness—a frozen version of paradise. I also loved getting to know my fellow passengers who came from 32 different countries, all wanting to learn more about climate change. I felt inspired listening to their plans, projects, and visions for lowering carbon output and mitigating climate change in their respective countries.  This journey was probably the most memorable trip I have ever been on.”

    Erica Elliott, United States


    “My experience with 2041 was truly life changing. The passion of the team leaders, the stories told by my fellow travelers, the brainstorming sessions and the motivation I was left with to go out and do my part in protecting the planet were unparalleled in terms of any other journeys I have undertaken in my life. On top of that, the spectacular setting of Antarctica itself as a backdrop to our discussions and seeing the realities of climate change up close and personal were powerful catalyzers of change. Thank you for such a special experience!”

    Alexa Firmenich, Switzerland


    “There are two learning elements to the experience: the people and the place. The people: You think you are there for Rob, but after spending those days on the ship, you realize everybody on the ship is a Rob in his or her own right, and the motivation, the learning is infinite. And then the place: Antarctica. Its dissolves the realms of space, time and distance, it’s a world beyond ours. You see it in pictures, but you feel it only when you are there. And the feeling just enhances every day, and I’ve been back for six weeks now. You realize that if you are lucky enough to have that place on our planet, you have a responsibility to protect it too.”  

    Rohit Gupta, India


    “International Antarctic Expedition 2017 was a life-changing experience. Antarctica was so surreal and moving that I will do everything I can to keep it exactly the way it currently is. This continent has taken a piece of my heart and has inspired me to keep pushing to bring about changes that will combat global warming and preserve Antarctica.

    Apart from the moving experiences of watching the impact of climate change real-time, the expedition really helped me broaden my perspective. The most valuable for me were the interactions I had with the incredible people from varied fields and countries who were a part of the expedition. Every single one of them is doing something amazing in his/ her own way. Their determination to make a difference motivated me to do something meaningful.”

    Digantika Mitra, India

  • Expedition Leaders

    What truly sets The Explorer’s Passage apart are our Expedition Leaders. The Expedition Leaders for the ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 expedition are the best in the business.


    On November 3, 1984, Robert Swan traveled 14,842 nautical miles (27,487 km) to Antarctica. Inspired by the great Robert Falcon Scott, the British Navy Officer and Explorer who in 1912 led the 2nd team to ever reach the South Pole. Swan’s incredible crossing of Antarctica, some 900 miles (1,400 km), would be more ambitious and on January 11, 1986, after 70 days, Swan’s team had achieved the longest unassisted march ever made in history. Three years later, on May 14, 1989, Swan and a team of 7 explorers reached the North Pole making Swan the first man to walk to both the North and South Poles. He was awarded the Polar Medal by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and is a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Youth.

    The experiences at the Poles allowed Swan to witness the effects of climate change firsthand and he shifted his life’s purpose to working toward solutions to the greatest threat Swan is one history’s greatest survivalists. He has spent his life doing the impossible and inspiring the world. He has shown us countless times under the most dire of situations his strength, courage and fortitude. There is no better leader on this planet to lead this mission, to lead OUR mission. Join us and be part of history to join Swan’s fight and the fight for humanity to solve our greatest threat for survival that our planet faces. Through his organization ‘2041’, Robert Swan has traveled to all corners of the globe to inspire and build leaders to create a more sustainable world. Robert is on a 50 year mission to help preserve Antarctica and our planet. His story of unbelievable spirit will take you on a journey of inspiration, courage and humility.



    Adventure Travel isn’t just about the journey that sends us soaring head-first into uncharted territory – it’s also about The Story: the history, mystery, myth and lore unique to that territory, its people and its culture.

    Jeff’s passion for storytelling came as a teenager, when, during visits to some of America’s oldest universities, he found myself enamored by the European-influenced architecture, and by legends like Albert Einstein, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson who walked the grounds decades before. Inspired to learn more, he dug deep into the history behind these universities, and soon began leading his own elaborate tours for friends and family, impressing and inspiring them with his enthusiasm and encyclopedic knowledge. It wasn’t long before his love for guiding and storytelling burgeoned from the microcosm of the college campus to cities throughout the U.S. and Europe and later, across the globe. Determined to “redefine the perfect way to travel,” he have spent years accumulating and curating the skills and experiences that now serve as the foundation for The Explorer’s Passage. At the heart of his philosophy, of course, is The Story – the historical element uncovered through extensive research and woven seamlessly throughout each of TEP’s adventures. The Story, he believes, is what launches travel into the realm of transcendent, leaving travelers invigorated, enriched and enlightened.

    Jeff has have climbed, canoed and galloped through nearly 30 countries on six continents. He has come a long way since his college campus touring days – and yet, his mission remains singular: to create, the most immersive, transformative and spine-tingling travel experiences in the industry.



    Barney Swan was born in the United Kingdom, raised in tropical Far North Australia, and now lives and works in California. With degrees in Business and Multimedia, Barney co-directs 2041’s expeditions and ventures. Over the last 5 years, he has applied and trained skills in alpine mountaineering, risk management, technical sailing, and team directing.

    He is currently preparing to walk 600 miles to the South Pole on renewable energy supplied by NASA, Shell, ZeroMass and Siemens. Using this journey as a platform for engagement, he will be working with sponsors, and partners to empower audiences with solutions, dialogues, and measurable actions plans surrounding sustainable development.



    Adrian Cross known as “Jumper” is a mountain and arctic trained ex-member of the Her Majesties British Forces. Jumper has been a key member of Robert Swan’s team since 1998. An accomplished Ocean Yachtsman he was instructed to lead an eight-member strong team to sail into the Antarctica by yacht. is was to perform a photographic recognizance, to record and to survey the 1500 tons of rubbish, which Robert and his crew subsequently removed from King George Island Antarctic. Jumper and his team also photographed sixteen global warming indicator sites along the Antarctic Peninsula; UNESCO awarded him for his effort in the year 2000. Undertaking numerous expeditions into the ice alongside Robert and the team he also worked on the Circumnavigation of Africa by the organizations Yacht “2041” and its South African crew. Presently his skills are still used in the Bristol Marine Academy as a Safety & Training Consultant based in the UK.




    Shaivya Rathore, aka Shevy, is a Business Development and Marketing Manager with The Explorer’s Passage specializing in Antarctica. Shevy will also be the lead Program Manager on the ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018 expedition. Her diverse background and experience as an aeronautical engineer, climate activist, leadership coach & social entrepreneur help her to serve as a key member of the ClimateForce leadership team. After working as an engineer, she joined the Teach For India fellowship to contribute to eliminating educational inequity in her country. Her passion for building resilient and sustainable communities for her students led to her selection in the International Antarctic Expedition 2016(IAE’16). After the expedition, she returned to India, worked as an educator in her local community, set up her own educational foundation in the Himalayas, and participated in the Climate Change Reality Project’s Climate Leadership conference. In August 2016, she joined the 2041 Foundation full-time to help select, mentor and coach participants for the IAE ‘17.

    She is committed to building a movement of climate leaders through Transformation Leadership.