The Explorer’s Passage (TEP) Launches Partnership to Showcase Unique Peruvian Celebration

  The Explorer’s Passage (TEP) is excited to announce a new partnership with PromPeru, the Peruvian tourism Board to create their newest adventure: a journey to experience the unique Virgen del Carmen Festival in Paucartambo, Peru.

According to local legend, a young female trader came to Paucartambo in the 13th century with a silver dish to sell. In the village, she found a head of a beautiful woman, and placed it on her dish – the woman came to life, calling herself Carmen, and said she came to heal the people of Paucartambo. The miracles performed made her the patron saint of the village and the Mestizo population.

The festival was forbidden after the Spaniards came to Cusco and the surrounding region, until it was resurrected in 1944 by a group of artists. Now, the people of Paucartambo proudly celebrate the Virgen del Carmen once a year in July. It features a procession, brightly costumed dancers and a full day of celebrations, into night time, with fireworks and finishing with a viewing of the sunrise from the Tres Cruses mountaintops.

“TEP is excited to help promote this unique piece of Peruvian history and culture. I stumbled upon this story and festival a few years ago,” says TEP founder Jeff Bonaldi, “It’s such a rich representation of Peuvian culture and history, which has so much to offer visitors. We want to help tell this particular story, showcase a different side to Peru.”

TEP’s adventure will give travelers 11 days in Peru, including a visit to this incredible festival, and contributing funds to the Nuestra Señora del Roasrio church. TEP will work alongside this local church community, assisting the city’s orphaned children. In Paucartambo, there is a high incidence of a parasitic infection known as fascioliasis, as well as malnutrition. 

This adventure supports a worthy cause, as well as offering up the little-known history of the village of Puartacambo. Adventures will start in 2020 and will be offered once a year – a rare and limited opportunity to be a part of this unique cultural experience. See the link below to learn more.