Our destinations are unique in that they tell a story.

The Story

By fusing adventure with story, TEP trips offer a step back in time, the chance to follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest explorers and luminaries.

This element of the TEP experience – which we simply call The Story – unfolds seamlessly throughout your travels, offering up newfound perspective, appreciation and understanding of your journey. The incorporation of The Story into each adventure provides guests with the most cultural and historically immersive experience in the travel industry, making The Explorer’s Passage a unique historical adventure travel experience.


How does The Story become a trip?

It starts with countless hours of research – the process of unearthing The Story behind the adventure. It’s meeting with everyone from anthropologists and park rangers, scientists and historians. It’s walking the aisles of libraries, scouring newspaper archives, watching documentaries. Once we’ve pieced together our storyline, we spend weeks on the road, revisiting the places from which The Story was born. Then it’s meeting with more experts, getting to know the locals, spending hours listening to stories regaled by people with proud ties to the legacy of the land. With our destination chosen, our route prepared and our Story complete, our final task is to weave the remarkable details of The Story into our day-to-day itineraries – so that you, too, can relive a fascinating chapter of history…while fully immersed in what we hope you’ll deem the adventure of a lifetime.