A collection of adventure tips, travel insights, and our latest news from the trail. Enjoy!

Our travels have taken us to some of the most exotic places on earth, where we’ve explored the history, culture, and landscapes that help bring The Story of each of our destinations to life. Get ready for a bit of armchair travel as you peruse The Chronicles, a collection of adventure tips, travel insights, and our latest news from the trail. Enjoy!

        The Adventure Travel Globetrotter Sweepstakes

        Hi Explorers! Guess what? We're giving away over $1,000 in prizes!   Enter ‘The Adventure [...]

        A Scary Moment On My Appalachian Trail Hiking Adventure

        For anyone who knows me, one of my favorite things to do is to go [...]

        13 Navigational Tips You Need To Know in the Mountains

        A few weeks ago, I was in the Adirondack Mountains hiking near Lake Placid. My [...]

        7 Important Reasons To Turn Back During An Adventure

        One of the hardest things for me to do when on an adventure is turning [...]

        5 Powerful Life Lessons You Can Learn From Adventure

        I spend so much time in mountains, rivers, and oceans these days that nature has [...]

        Top 9 Greatest Books On Adventure

        The other day I was asked if there is anything in life that I would [...]

        The Road to Paso de Los Patos

        Destination: Los Patos, Chile Population: ~56,860 Elevation: 2,687 Feet While man was testing the limits of the atmosphere with balloons, discovering how to keep time with self-winding clocks, and acknowledging […]

        Diesel, Dumplings, & Demons: In Search of the Truth

        Destination: Pharping, Nepal Population: ~40,000 Elevation: 4514 Feet Rocked by the pockmarked roads of Nepal’s capital city, I secured my backpack and tightened my grip on the backseat […]

        Gold, Diamond & Dust: Tales from Dawson City, Yukon

        Destination: Dawson City, Yukon, Canada Population: 1,319 people Elevation: 320 meters (1,052 feet) In the summer of 1896, gold was found 300 miles south of the Arctic Circle near Dawson […]

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